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Discover How You Can Finally Be More Profitable In Your Practice And Be Seen As The “Go To” Expert In Your Area
...While Moving Your Patients Focus From Pain To Wellness!

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Our 45+ Experts Reveal Their Proven Strategies And Processes That Have Helped Them Create Busy, Successful Practices That Truly Transform People’s Lives And How You Can Too!
Discover How You Can Finally Be More Profitable In Your Practice And Seen As The “Go To” Expert In Your Area...
...While Moving Your Patients Focus From Pain To Wellness!

Get INSTANT ACCESS NOW to all virtual summit presentations and bonuses!

You can't afford to miss this one!
Get Your Virtual Mastermind Bonus When You Claim Your VIP Pass Now!
Our 45+ Experts Reveal Their Proven Strategies And Processes That Have Helped Them Create Busy, Successful Practices That Truly Transform People’s Lives And How You Can Too!

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Are You Finally Ready to Level Up In Chiropractic?
 Our 45+ Chiropractic Experts Will Teach You How to... 
Learn How To Find Better Quality Patients Who Are Willing To Commit To Care
You don’t need to risk spending a fortune on an event or “chiro coaches” that are not going to give you the outcome, benefits and results that you are looking for with a sense of accomplishment.
Discover Simple Ways To Have Your Practice Run Smoothly And Efficiently Even Operating Independently Of You
With the right tools YOU CAN have the practice that you’ve always dreamed of when you use the proven systems and strategies shared in the summit - all without fear of failure.
Work With Others In The Industry That Have A Compelling Vision For Chiropractic
Are you ready for the blueprint to help you connect with like minded thought leaders in the Chiropractic field?  If you want to avoid feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere, then you’re in the right place!
Create A Busy, Successful Practice That Truly Transforms People’s Lives
Even if you've spent thousands on training seminars that took you away from your practice, you’ll no longer need to struggle to get quality patients who are willing to do the work to get well.  We’ll show you how!
Become The “Go To” Wellness Expert In Your Area And Impact People’s Lives
You may have realized that you’ve been slipping into the danger zone of becoming a work-a-holic because you haven’t found another way yet.  Well, you’re about to get the keys to help change the game.
Find Out How To Work Less And Earn More!
There’s no better way to accomplish this than with a set of proven processes and strategies that can get you out of your rut and into a thriving practice. Learn how to do this simply and effectively without losing your passion and sense of purpose in the process.
And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will provide you with the exact processes and strategies to...
Masterfully know more than other chiropractors about the science behind chiropractic and how it can transform people's health
Effortlessly move your patients from pain to brain; from focusing on symptoms to being committed to wellness care
Quickly increase your confidence, clarity and certainty
Rapidly grow your wellness based practice with a proven system
Dramatically increase your new patient demand for true chiropractic wellness care
And so much more!
Here's What You'll Learn In Our Sessions
...From  Our World-Class Experts And Consultants!

Sagittal Cervical & Thoracic Alignment, Sensorimotor Control And The Autonomic Nervous System

Dr. Deed Harrison

The Neuroscience Of Adaptation: Preparing For Chiropractic's Future

Dr. Rob Sinnott

The Pendulum Is Swinging Again... A Look At Our History And Future And Why You Should Care

Mr. Bharon Hoag

Pushing Past Pain

Dr. Craig Foote

What Is Happening In The Brain In ADHD, ASD And Other Neurobehavioral Disorders

Dr. Robert Meilillo

Balancing The Two Brains

Dr. Monica Buerger

Autonomic Imbalance In Infants

Dr. Steve Williams

Neuroscience of Heart Rate Variability

Dr. Adrian Wenban

Neuroscience In Practice: How To Turn Research Into Referrals

Dr. Jeff Langmaid

The Revitalization Of Chiropractic And Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Bob Hoffman

Chiropractic And Stroke: The New Narrative

Dr. Kelly Holt

Neuroscience Of Pain And Clinical Applications In Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Paul Noone

Embracing The Neuro - Adaptive Revolution

Dr. David Fletcher

The Central Nervous System, Chiropractic Care & The Immune System

Dr. Heidi Haavik

Neurologically Based Chiropractic - 21st Century Chiropractic

Dr. Richard Barwell

Real Immunity, Real Solutions, Real Results

Dr. Dan Pompa

Your Brain In Fitness Aging And Injury

Dr. Steven Geanopulos

The Search For Cause

Dr. Wayne Todd

Biohacking Consciousness - Your Brain On Chiropractic

Dr. Mo Andrews

Improved Brain Health With Chiropractic Neurology

Dr. Michael Longyear

Integrating New Chiropractic Science Discoveries With Timeless Chiropractic Philosophy

Dr. Gilles LaMarche

Raising Consciousness: The Neurological Correlate And Chiropractic

Dr. Nimrod Mueller

Stimulating Healing Through Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation

Jodi Cohen

Improving Clinical Outcomes with the utilization of Neurosage and a Hemispheric Approach

Dr. Kyle Daigle

Beyond the Parasympathetics - Assessing and Activating the Vagus Nerve

Dr. Navaz Habib

The Neuroscience of Brain Balance Restoration

Dr. Kelly Miller

You Can Fix Your Brain

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Adjusting the Brain: The Neurological Effects of Reduced Spinal Motion and the Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Patrick Freud

The Neuroscience of Stress

Dr. Bruce Steinberg

Chiropractic, Neuroscience, & Dolphins

Dr. Michael Bagnell

This Is Your Brain on Food

Dr. Uma Naidoo

The Serenity Code: How Brain Plasticity Helps You Live Without Stress, Anxiety And Depression

Dr. Christophe Morin

The Brain, Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Vagus Nerve Unmasked

Dr. Jacqueline Chan

Brain and Mitochondria

Dr. Todd Watts

When Treatment Does Not Last or Isn’t Effective

Phyllis Ginsberg, M.A., MFT

The Mind-Gut Connection

Dr. Emeran Mayer

Mind-Brain-Gene: The Neuroscience of Lifestyle as an Epigenetic Influence

Dr. John Arden

The Hidden Cause of Neurodegeneration

Dr. Christine Schaffner

Neuroscience's Discovery of Neurogenic Factors Affecting Brain Health

Dr. Brant Cortright

The Gut-Inflammatory-Neurological Connection

Dr. John Dempster

Healthy Brain Solution for Women Over Forty

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf

Clinical Applications for the Insight Scanner

Dr. David Fletcher

Clinical Application of NeuroInfinity

Dr. Richard Barwell

Subluxation and the Brain: The Truth about Chiropractic

Dr. Clint Steele

Communicating Your Neuroscience Expertise: Growing Your Practice and Impact Lives Through Neuroscience Authority

Dr. Marcus Chacos

Fortifying The Power of The Neurocare

Dr. Patrick Porter

Unlock The Power of the Autonomic Nervous System: Heal Quicker, Improve Mood, and Find Flow through the Vagus Nerve

Dr. Tim Jackson
We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
Meet Your Summit Host - Dr. Marcus Chacos

Dr. Marcus Chacos is a chiropractor, bestselling author and founder of Provolution Health, a wellness practice focused on transforming the health and lives of his patients and the community.

As a chiropractor, author, speaker and coach, Dr. Chacos has made it his mission to massively and dramatically transform the lives of people who seek out his coaching, support and care. With an emphasis on peak performance living, Dr. Chacos provides the knowledge, skills and resources to create breakthroughs in your health and quality of life, both in this practice as a private patient and his group and personal online coaching programs.

Marcus has helped a wide spectrum of people, including family wellness care, elite sportspeople, entrepreneurs, and executives looking for health and lifestyle breakthroughs, as well as specializing in spinal hygiene, arthritis, and brain and nervous system health. His in-practice care plans, books and presentations have dramatically improved the health and quality of life for thousands of people.

Marcus’ practice and online health programs are based upon a philosophy that health is an inherent state in all people and by achieving balance between the physical, chemical and mental/emotional elements of one’s life, one may experience total body health and lead an extraordinary life.

What Makes Our Virtual Summit Unique?
Enhanced Education
It's our process of creating online events that resemble college-level courses delivered by world's leading expert speakers and hosts.  We craft each summit and masterclass to deliver a complete educational experience on each topic.
Love Learning?  So Do We.
No Hidden Agendas
We do not allow speakers to pitch their products, courses or services on our summit.  That means YOU GET a full 100% learning experience without wading though time-consuming sales pitches.  Your experience is our #1 Priority.
Stay Focused and On Target.
Best Learning Experience
Our cloud-based learning platform allows you to attend the event launch from any device at anytime during that day.  No need to rearrange your schedule. Learn at your own pace anywhere you are and never miss a beat again.
Take Us With You.
Four Advantages To Attending Online!
45+ Top Chiropractors And Neuroscience Experts
Ever wonder why some Chiropractors seem to have it all and others end up drawing the short stick? Learn from 45+ world-class experts in the industry as they share their advice on building your practice to truly transform people’s lives with a consistent flow of new patients while you create a practice that focuses on health and wellness instead of pain.
Time Saving, Expense Free Education
Bypass waiting in long airport lines, skip past checking into overpriced, unsanitary hotel rooms and spend less time away from your family. With our time saving education platform, you can learn effortlessly without having to travel.
Learning Designed For Success
Time is a more valuable commodity than money in the modern economy. You can stop wasting hours researching, testing and figuring it out on your own. Now you can learn online directly from the experts without missing a beat at the office or at home!
High Quality Educational Expert Resources
There is no substitute for high quality educational resources that allow you to connect with our experts through presentations that foster easy to understand tactics and strategies engineered to help you achieve maximum results.
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Take the experts with you anywhere in MP3s! No need for internet to listen. Save, play, archive & learn at your own pace.
Launch Faster
Launch your new lifestyle or re-invent your yourself with help from the experts. Listen to these recorded resources again and again. Achieve results faster!
Mobile Ready
Listen on any device... desktop, laptop, ipad, iphone, android, etc. It's like having your own group of coaches available 24/7 to answer your questions.
Continue the conversation even after the event. VIP members get access to our exclusive community of like-minded practitioners.
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For a limited time, get ACCESS to all summit presentations during the live online event.
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Your Support Helps Fund Chiropractic Education

The inspiration for the Summit is to help develop chiropractic knowledge by top experts in their respective fields.

This Event is a fundraising event for the Australian Chiropractic College. Entering into their first year and now faced with challenges, our goal is to support the college and its mission, maintaining the Australian Chiropractic College as an essential institution in chiropractic education in Australia and continue to help new students develop and grow in accordance with the timeless principles pf chiropractic. We are doing this to provide critical funding needed to help keep the college going.

Your participation in this event will help pay it forward to the profession and help us produce more doctors deliver the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Pain 2 Brain Summit?
The multi-day digital event consists of 45+ world-class experts in the field of Chiropractic Neuroscience who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and strategies on creating momentum even in practices that have flat-lined! Learn how to build your practice to truly transform people’s lives with a consistent flow of new, high-quality patients.

Are travel accommodations required to attend?
No! The Pain 2 Brain Summit is an online virtual event you attend from any location using any device when your schedule permits. Our expert interviews and presentations are available  24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone who has claimed their VIP  pass.

How do I access the virtual event?
Registration for the Pain 2 Brain Summit is currently open. Once your registration has been confirmed, your access links will be emailed directly to you for the Pain 2 Brain Summit VIP Access Pass Holder Member’s Area.

Do you have a refund policy for your VIP All-Access Pass?
We are so confident you will love Pain 2 Brain Summit VIP Access Pass and all the amazing value it contains, we offer a full 100% refund of your purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, for up to 90 FULL DAYS! How’s that for a guarantee!?

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